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Smartphones have changed how most of us travel with the help of travel apps & more. See what Grand European Travel recommends as must downloads before you travel. Download Travel Apps for iPhone. Reviews, screenshots and comments about apps like Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car, Airbnb, Book your hotel and Your perfect travel buddies Discover the best travel apps for Android to download for your next trip to Berlin. AndroidPIT gives you the ultimate selection of Berlin apps for Europe's party capital

Who do we work with? • Eurostar • SNCF • Thalys • TGV Lyria • Renfe • Trenitalia • Italo • Deutsche Bahn • Ouigo • Ouibus • Flixbus • Alsa • SBB • OBB and many more… Need a helping hand?

Aug 1, 2017 Whether you're going kitesurfing in Brazil or backpacking across Switzerland, you've got to get these amazing travel apps before your next  Jun 26, 2019 Get around the problem with these 11 useful travel apps that work just fine on your phone if you want to download maps for several countries. Sep 3, 2019 Some of the best travel apps inform you about your destination, with If you're traveling to any of the top destinations in Europe, download this  Jun 12, 2016 Here are 6 free travel apps to download that will enhance your next rail You may think a multi-country European rail trip will have you dealing  Nov 27, 2019 Getting ready for your trip to Italy and want to download some apps? and attractions by America's favorite guide to European travel – Rick  Jul 8, 2019 The best travel apps for Europe and Asia are essential when traveling. Once you download the app it basically turns into a tour guide.

Motorhome and Campervan Apps Motorhome Apps – Holiday and Travel in Europe The Best Free Camping and travel App Europe We have put together a collection of some of the best camping and travel apps that will help you with your motorhome…

Feb 18, 2018 Travel Apps. A list of the best travel apps to help you travel smarter, cheaper, and longer. entire city. Download via Apple iOS and Android. Oct 2, 2018 Here are the best travel apps for Europe to make your time traveling more It works offline, so you'll have to download maps ahead of time, but  Feb 8, 2019 If you're planning a trip to Europe and want to download some of the best apps, here are 20 helpful free apps for Europe travel! Feb 8, 2019 If you're planning a trip to Europe and want to download some of the best apps, here are 20 helpful free apps for Europe travel!

The one I found for Android that works well for offline Navigation is "Navmii". Just download the Italy map and you should be all set. Just make sure you do your searches to enter your favorites when you have a data connection, as the search doesn't work that great unless you use the google search in the app. Once you have the favorites setup

If you're traveling around Europe, this travel app is invaluable. It scans trains, planes, bus and walking routes to  Mar 26, 2012 Planning or daydreaming about a trip to Europe? Download these apps for a smooth vacation! May 21, 2017 Planning a trip to Europe this summer? Here are 7 travel apps you need to download ASAP onto your phone to have a smooth & stress-free  Nov 15, 2019 Check out our handpicked list of the best travel apps for simplicity on the for a plane ticket, you need to download the award-winning Hopper. Jan 9, 2020 Get the Best Travel Apps 2019 to make your days abroad so easy and fun! After you download a map use the Google Maps app just like you normally would. Rick Steves Audio Europe (best app for Europe Travel).

AppsMapper - Travel Apps 1.8.1 download - AppsMapper is the first app to discover best Android apps for - Travel Apps. The service, enabled by… Travel Apps will make your journeys fun, more informative and hassle-free. Apps make travel so much easier. Here are the best free travel apps (and some that you need to pay for) to download before your next solo trip.

FlixBus - Bus Travel in Europe Is flixbus,travel,local, application.Get Free APK Free Download Version 5.30.1. App developed by FlixBus GmbH File size 11.28 MB. Travel across Europe by bus.

While it's convenient to be able to access this type of information, there is a catch: For many mobile apps, you need to be online to download the latest information. With the prevalence of Wi-Fi in most corners of Europe, this is generally not a problem — just find a hotspot and browse away. The following are our favorite apps for European travel. I guarantee you’ll be well taken care of if you have these seven apps on your phone! The Best Apps for Travellers Heading to Europe TEP Wireless. OK, not an app in itself, but before we jump into the best apps you’ll need for Europe, to use any of them you’ll need internet access. Michelin Travel. The Michelin Guide is revered as the Holy Bible of hospitality in Europe. The company’s app curates the best restaurants, hotels, and attractions — travelers can even make bookings for the listings directly from their phones. Best Free Travel Apps When you're on the go, your best friend and resource can be your phone. In the age of smartphones, apps are like guiding stars: They can point you in the right direction for a hotel, tabulate expenses, send postcards, and much more.